After resigning my role as the Sr. Art Director & acting Creative Director of a global advertising firm and starting my own freelance design studio, I began the daunting journey of “concept to REALITY” in bringing my passion project to life.
The result is The Shire ltd.

The focus was to explore the view by doing little cutting as possible, & by keeping the natural flow of the land. Pushing the idea further, research was done on similar properties on coastal fronts to find out all the + – of building by the coast. I looked at how I could use various resources available locally and modern techniques in building construction. The design is true to its form, considering the natural slope of the land. We settled on using concrete construction.

A mixture of old and new systems, local and foreign all trying to integrate.
- Obtaining a building permit took ages. 
- Lack of road access to property. (so one had to be createed).
- (GH -TIME. whenever it happens- it happens) 
- Too much red tape. 
- Building on a slope makes everything much harder. 
- Erosion needed to be addressed right off the bat.
- Developing region (prices fluctuate all the time so budgeting becomes a nightmare). just to mention a few

Soil Test 

Soil test revealed good la trite, rock, and a bit of clay- great soil for construction. 
Being able to harvest rock from the site has helped in the construction of cobble roads and retaining walls.

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